30 x 60


Renewal was painted with the idea that I believe is possible after going through difficult times to come out stronger.

When I Dream

48 x 48


When I was able, I would sit by the ocean and smell the salt air, run my fingers and toes through the sand and look out at the vastness.  What lays before me, I ask myself; it is my dreams, I realized.

Wave Back

54 x 54


When I look at the waves rolling in  and realize it has been since the beginning of time.  How many waves and with such power each time. I think of how my life affects this beauty, and how I can change to preserve this wonder.


24 x 48

mixed media/oil


I love to walk the beach alone. It gives me space and time to think. 

Bright and Sunny Days

54 x 54 oil

I love to recall those moments when you feel so at peach with the world.  Often, for me that is on a beach or somewhere in the forest.  Such different locations from each other but the same feeling.

The sun emerges from behind the clouds and the sun is bright and hopeful.

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