30 x 60


Renewal was painted with the idea that I believe is possible after going through difficult times to come out stronger.

When I Dream

48 x 48


When I was able, I would sit by the ocean and smell the salt air, run my fingers and toes through the sand and look out at the vastness.  What lays before me, I ask myself; it is my dreams, I realized.

Wave Back

54 x 54


When I look at the waves rolling in  and realize it has been since the beginning of time.  How many waves and with such power each time. I think of how my life affects this beauty, and how I can change to preserve this wonder.


24 x 48

mixed media/oil


I love to walk the beach alone. It gives me space and time to think. 

Bright and Sunny Days

54 x 54 oil

I love to recall those moments when you feel so at peach with the world.  Often, for me that is on a beach or somewhere in the forest.  Such different locations from each other but the same feeling.

The sun emerges from behind the clouds and the sun is bright and hopeful.

Renewed Faith

30 x 60


At times it is not always clear that we can find our way without our faith, whatever that may mean to each person's belief system.


24 x 60 oil


When someone has met the love of their life in a place they return over and over again;  it is that essence they wish to have a memory of in their home. This commission piece was to commemorate their meeting.

Turqouise Gazing

48 x 48

oil on gallery canvas mixed media

I wanted to create a feeling of being immersed in the textures and relief of the sand and sea. To feel the sand and experience the bright sparkles bouncing off the water to lighten the soul.


40 x 40

oil on gallery canvas

Oh, that feeling of excitement that washes over you when you run down to the surf! The salt air, the sand, and the ocean breeze somehow, renews your faith that all will be just fine!

Dance on the Beach

40 x 60

oil on gallery canvas

Have you ever been on vacation and had a party on the beach? Did you dance with abandon? 

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