A Quiet Outlook

40 x 60

oil on gallery canvas $3,950

Sometimes I have to find the quiet in the world without the bright lights and all the action.  A retreat to look at the world with calmness.

The Way Forward

48 x 48

oil on gallery canvas $3,800

The way forward is often daunting, but with a dose of perseverance it can be done.

Together But Apart

48 x 48

oil/mixed media $3,800

We are together yet must stand apart.

Canadian Will

48 x 48

oil on gallery canvas $3,800

To stand with the wind blowing and nature holding its position to bend but not break.

Where The Breeze Leads Us

24 x 36

oil on gallery canvas $1,200

When you stand on the rocks overlooking the water and the wind gives you a sense of freedom that tickles the senses!  Love the way it makes me feel the possibilities.

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