Moving Softly

18 x 36

Mixed Media/ drip and sand textured

When the water flows over the rocks like a soft veil.

Distant Whisper 

48 x 48  

Mixed Media/ drip and sand textured


Looking to the  future I believe in a soft whisper in the distance that carries my dreams.


20 x 20 oil

To relax and drift often brings moments of clarity to me.

Cloud Catching 

30 x 48

Mixed Media/ drip  and sand textured


After the storm I find a calm in my life. A cleansing of sorts! A new beginning with hope and renewal.

Directional Pull 

48 x 48

Mixed Media/drip and sand textured


Often I am pulled in different directions with others comments. Yet, I realize unless it applies to  my own personal values,  I should keep my own counsel.

Distant But Visible

36 x 48

Mixed Media/drip and sand textured 

Sometimes I see what I want, but I have to try a little harder to reach it!

Big Dipper

30 x 60

Mixed Media/ drip and sand textured 

When a dark sky provides a path of  light. 

Behind the clouds I knew the Big Dipper existed but could not be seen.


Many years ago, when I was young my aunt in New Brunswick and family in Nova Scotia loved to show us the night sky. The stars were so amazing when you are far from the city.

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