Moving Softly

18 x 36

Mixed Media/ drip and sand textured $950

When the water flows over the shoal like a soft veil.

Distant Whisper 

48 x 48  

Mixed Media/ drip and sand textured $3,800


Looking to the  future I believe in a soft whisper in the distance that carries my dreams.

Where Dreams Are Born

30 x 60  $2,800

When I walk on a beach alone and silently contemplate life, I begin to dream of possibilities for the future. 

Big Dipper

30 x 60 mixed media oil $2,800

Mixed Media/ drip and sand textured 

When a dark sky provides a path of  light. 

Behind the clouds I knew the Big Dipper existed but could not be seen.


Many years ago, when I was young my aunt in New Brunswick and family in Nova Scotia loved to show us the night sky. The stars were so amazing when you are far from the city.

Wave Back

54 x 54 

oil on gallery canvas $4,500

When I look out at the waves rolling in and realize it has been since the beginning of time the beach has felt the power of the sea. I think about how our lives affect this magnificent body of water.


54 x 54

oil on gallery canvas $4,500

I love to recall those moments when you feel so at peace with the world.  Often, for me that is on a beach.


48 X 60

oil on gallery canvas  $4,500

We are engaged in our lives and as water flows so too does our life. We see the rapid change in the moving water a stunning visual to behold and relate to.


30 x 60 

oil on gallery canvas $2,800

Renewal was painted with the idea that I believe it is possible to go through difficult times and come out stronger.


40 x 40  

oil on gallery canvas  $2,800

Oh, that feeling of excitement that washes over you when you run down to the beach to see the surf!

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